Charlotte and the Quiet Place

By Deborah Sosin/Illustrated by Sara Woolley

Rates for School Visits 2019-20

Half day (1 or 2 presentations): $495  

Full day (3 or 4 presentations):  $995

Note: Three 30-minute presentations may be scheduled for the half-day rate plus $100, morning only or afternoon only.

Maximum number of presentations is four (full day). Full-day visit may include Student Lunch with the Author for a small group (up to 12); or Faculty Lunch with the Author. We can focus on the writing process, the publishing process, mindfulness, or a topic of your choice.

Travel fees apply for schools beyond a 60-mile drive from Boston. For schools requiring overnight stays or distant travel, host is responsible for all travel and lodging expenses.

Note: If you work in an underfunded classroom or have budget constraints, please contact Debbie to discuss an adjusted rate or sponsorship opportunities.

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Rates for Adult Programs 2019-20

Contact Debbie directly for adult program rates.

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For more information, please use the Contact form on this website or email