Charlotte and the Quiet Place

By Deborah Sosin/Illustrated by Sara Woolley

Debbie is available to present the following adult programs:

Finding a Quiet Place Inside: Mindfulness for Children (60-90 mins.)

This presentation includes a reading of Charlotte and the Quiet Place, discussion of the benefits of mindfulness for children, and an overview and demonstration of kid-friendly mindfulness exercises. See "Mindful Breathing with 34 Kindergarteners" video here.

The Making of a Picture Book: From Concept to Completion (90 mins.)

Have you always wondered what’s involved in publishing a picture book? In this workshop, we will review the step-by-step process that led to the publication of Charlotte and the Quiet Place. Using a fun PowerPoint slideshow, I present the text from earliest scribbled notes to finished product, including side-by-side comparisons of the manuscript at different stages. Then we’ll look at the evolution of Sara Woolley’s illustrations, from initial sketches to final product, and discuss how the illustrations influenced the editorial process. We’ll also discuss how to submit to agents and editors and what to expect once you’ve signed a contract.

Going with the Flow: Mindfulness and the Creative Process (90 mins.)

If you were to peer inside the mind of a writer or artist, you might see a swirl of words and ideas, sounds and images, as well as doubts, fears, and judgments. Sometimes that mental activity drives our creativity. Sometimes it interferes with or even cripples the process.

Mindfulness—slowing down, paying attention, and tuning in to the present moment with acceptance and compassion—can help us bypass internal obstacles to creativity. The technique of freewriting in particular can bring fresh energy and insight to our work. Writing without stopping, editing, or censoring lowers the volume on the inner critic and opens up new creative avenues for artists, teachers, therapists, businesspeople, and thought leaders.

In this talk, which includes a PowerPoint presentation, we look at mindfulness and creativity in general, then focus on freewriting as a powerful mindfulness practice, even for nonwriters. Participants will have the opportunity to do one or two writing exercises to tap in to their own creative well.

Mindfulness for Writers: Lower Your Stress, Boost Your Creativity (60-90 mins. OR 3-hour workshop)

Do you have a hard time quieting your mind? Tuning out distractions? Thinking clearly and creatively? Mindfulness can help. Studies show that mindfulness—noticing what's happening in the present moment without judgment—leads to greater calm, clarity, and resilience, all powerful building blocks for creative work. In this workshop, I review the fundamentals of mindfulness, share the latest research, then offer a series of writings and mindfulness activities designed to open up those creative channels. You'll leave with practical skills and useful strategies for incorporating mindfulness into your writing life.

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