Charlotte and the Quiet Place

By Deborah Sosin/Illustrated by Sara Woolley

School Visits 201920

As a former Montessori educator, child and family therapist, and elementary-school workshop facilitator, I love working with children of all ages and backgrounds. I will collaborate with you to plan a lively, interactive program that can be tailored to your students' needs.

Here is a short clip from a 2015 visit with 34 kindergarteners (co-hosted by my niece, Mollie) at the Salisbury Central School in Lakeville, Connecticut:

Each presentation includes an interactive reading of Charlotte and the Quiet Place; content is adapted per grade level and group size.

Typical programs are Grades Pre-K–1 (~30 minutes), Grades 2–3 (up to 45 minutes), Grades 4–5 (45-60 minutes).

Middle school and high school presentations available (60 minutes) or contact me to discuss extended writing workshops or residencies.

Schools may choose from the following programs:

Option #1

"Finding Your Quiet Place Inside": learning and practicing simple mindfulness exercises, including easy, fun ways to become aware of breath, sound, movement.

Option #2

"The Making of a Picture Book": discussion of the writing, revising, and publishing process. Can be adapted for all ages; includes presentation of original vs. final drafts; first sketches to storyboards to galleys to final product.

Option #3

Combination of #1 and #2: Mindfulness exercises and overview of writing and publishing process.

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2015-16 school visits included Salisbury Central School (Salisbury, Conn.), Indian Mountain School (Lakeville, Conn.), Park School (Brookline, Mass.), Thompson Elementary School (Arlington, Mass.), Cottage Montessori School (Arlington, Mass.).

2016-17 school visits included Citizens of the World Charter School (Mar Vista, Calif.), Hardy Elementary School (Wellesley, Mass.), Newton Montessori School (Newton, Mass.), Peirce School (Newton, Mass.), Cornerstone Academy (Northborough, Mass.), Wellesley in the Hills Nursery School (Wellesley, Mass.), Broadmeadow School (Needham, Mass.).

2017-18 school visits included Jackson Walnut Park Schools (Newton, Mass.), Newton Montessori School (Newton, Mass.), Hardy Elementary School (Wellesley, Mass.), Lesley Ellis School (Arlington, Mass.), St. Mark's Episcopal Day School (Jacksonville, Fla.).

2018-19 school visits included Hardy Elementary School (Wellesley, Mass.), Meadowbrook School (Weston, Mass.).

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