Charlotte and the Quiet Place

By Deborah Sosin/Illustrated by Sara Woolley

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Mindfulness for Writers: Lower Your Stress, Boost Your Creativity

Free Craft Talk at The Writers' Loft, 20 North Main St, Sherborn, Mass.

Think about your state of mind when you write. Are you easily distracted? Overwhelmed with worries? Paralyzed by a loud inner critic? Mindfulness can help. Studies show that mindfulness—noticing what’s happening in the present moment without judgment—leads to greater calm, clarity, and resilience, which are powerful building blocks for creative work.

In this chat, Deborah Sosin, LICSW, psychotherapist and author of the award-winning picture book Charlotte and the Quiet Place, will explain the basics of mindfulness, summarize the latest research, then lead the group in a few activities designed to open up those creative channels. You’ll leave with practical skills and simple strategies for incorporating mindfulness into your writing life.